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Innovation & Tradition

Wood, stone & metal, are elementary resources that have always been used by mankind and have been fashioned and enhanced in a centuries-old tradition with ever new craftsmanship techniques. We strive to pursue this tradition: it is of utmost importance to us to preserve the carefully selected natural materials used in werkhaus kitchens in their original structures, to refine them in elaborate manual work and to treasure them as a natural resource in both form and functionality. This requires not only the know-how of traditional craftsmanship, but also the uncompromising demand for high-quality craftsmanship, which is inherent in werkhaus. We therefore work together with the best master craftsmen in the region, because we understand that

“Exquisite materials deserve the finest craftsmanship”

Due to its versatility, wood is very popular in both the design aspect and interior construction. Timber offers warmth and a sense of comfort. It can be equally used to create something “elegant & noble” as well as “rustic & alpine”. We are particularly inspired by native woods: on the one hand, they reflect the relationship to the region, and on the other hand, local action is global thinking for us and thus a path to a more sustainable economy.

Stone is probably the most ancient raw material on earth, and especially in its natural and massive appearance it is a true gem in every kitchen. Wether in worktops, side-panels, on walls and back panels, niches or simply as a design element: processed with artisan refinement, stone can be used to create unique works of art to enhance your kitchen.

When it comes to metals, the desired look is mainly depending on the applied craftsmanship. A wide range of different surfaces is available, from stainless steel and black steel to elegant surfaces such as copper and brass. Special design elements, such as hand-forged handles, add the finishing touch to many a kitchen.


A characteristic feature of werkhaus kitchens is the combination of clear kitchen architecture with selective style elements. Solid timbers, rustic shell limestone, finest marble, rusty steel girders or glass applications open up a wide range of design options to create your kitchen as a unique living space, tailored specifically to your needs.

It is not always necessary for the carpenter to build the complete kitchen. With the Austrian brand intuo, we cooperate with an exclusive manufacturer of kitchen furniture, which enables us to realise our vision of modern kitchen architecture in an excellent way. intuo not only shines with outstanding quality and finesse, but also with high-quality materials and unique lacquers, which are unequalled in the industry – lacquers, often applied by hand, make every panel unique.

In our inspiring exhibition, we present a wide range of possibilities with unconventional materials and multi-faceted material combinations on our distinctive kitchens. This allows you to obtain a precise idea of the visual appeal of different natural stones, innovative metal surfaces, various types of timber and a variety of other structures and textures. If you so desire, you may also select particular finishes directly on site with our carpenter or stonemason.