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Innovation & Tradition

Wood, stone & metal are elementary materials, humankind has always been taking advantage of. There is a longstanding tradition to shape, process and refine those by applying constantly new measures and techniques. That is what inspires us: it is our desire to preserve the carefully chosen natural materials of our kitchens in their original structures, to refine them in effortful handiwork and thus, to appreciate them in their unique form and function as a natural resource. Therefore, not only the know-how of traditional craftsmanship, but also the intransigent demand for high-quality manufacturing are essentials for our company. Consequently we solely cooperate with the local master (craftsman) businesses. We approve of the following fact:

“Exquisite Materials Deserve Excellent Craftsmanship.”

Due to its versatility, wood is a beloved material in interior design as well as in interior construction. It gives a feeling of warmth and creates the atmosphere of a safe place. It can be elegant and prestigious as well as natural and alpine. We are especially inspired by local woods. Primarily, to show our strong sense of belonging to the region. But moreover, local acting means global thinking for us and thus represents our contribution to a more sustainable economy.

Stone is probably the planet’s most ancient raw material. Especially in its natural and massive shape it appears as a visual highlight in a modern kitchen. Be it in form of a worktop, a niche, a wall or a rear wall or simply as a design element: manufactured with sophistication, stone can be the material to create unique pieces of art that embellish your kitchen.

Concerning metals, mainly the way of manufacturing is essential for the desired appearance. This material stands out due to the wide range of different surfaces that can be created by its various kinds. One can either decide for clean types, like stainless or black steel, or for elegant ones, like copper or brass. Special metallic design elements, like hand-forged handles for example, can put the finishing touch to one or another kitchen.


A characteristic design element of werkhaus küchen is the connection of clean kitchen architecture with well chosen stylistic elements. Massive woods, rustic lacustrine limestone, finest marble, rusty steel girders or applications made of glass open up a wide range of design possibilities to transform your kitchen into a unique living space, tailored to your specific needs.

For this very purpose, we do not only cooperate with carpenters, but also with the Austrian manufacturer intuo. Together with the exclusive producer of kitchen furniture we can realise all our ideas in every detail. intuo does not only stand out due to high quality and finesse in terms of manufacturing, but also due to the valuable materials and the unique lacquers the company uses. Often even applied by hand, they convert every furniture front in a unique specimen.

Our inspiring exhibition shows a variety of different kitchens, designed with extraordinary raw materials and multi-faceted material mix. Thus, visiting us, you can gain an impression of the visual appeal of different natural stones, innovative metal-surfaces, diverse types of wood and a of multitude of other structures and textures. If desired, you could choose specific surfaces for your kitchen also directly on-site at our carpenter or stonemason.