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Versatile kitchen design

Special design for this special natural stone kitchen. The jewel in our exhibition is the lively marbled and highly polished natural stone from northern Italy. This creates a depth effect thanks to its three-dimensionality.

The sculptural appearance of the island is enhanced by the slanted and tapered worktop.

In contrast to this are the white, super-matt kitchen fronts, which, however, remain discreetly in the background. The dark-stained oak table slides unobtrusively under the slanted natural stone top. The restrained colors of the three materials form an elegant unity. As an individual accessory, the handmade sliding draining rack can also be used as a pot trivet.


The side panel and countertop are made of Italian marble. For this showroom piece, the natural stone was shaped into a conical form and polished to a high gloss.

All white plastic fronts have been coated with a special nanocoating.

In contrast to the white fronts and matching the marble, the table and bench are made of dark-stained oak.

Kitchen appliances

Anker by Axor, Phillip Stark collection
Sink grating andonized steel


Viktoria Meier
werkhaus showroom in Raubling – Rosenheim, Germany

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