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werkhaus kitchens are created from visions and ideas

Stone is arguably the oldest raw material on Earth – especially in its natural and solid form, it becomes a genuine gem in a distinctive werkhaus kitchen. Whether in countertops, sides, on walls and backsplashes, niches, or as an design element: when processed with artisanal finesse, unique artworks can emerge from stone, enhancing your werkhaus kitchen.

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Kitchens with wood

Thanks to its versatility, wood is very popular in living areas and interior design. Wood warms the atmosphere and gives a feeling of security. It may be processed “elegant & noble” as well as “natural & alpine”. We are particularly inspired by local wood: on the one hand, we show the connection to the region, and on the other hand, local action is global thinking for us and thus a path to a more sustainable economy.

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Holz Kücheninsel mit Steinplatte
Schwarze Küchen von werkhaus Küchen

Black kitchens

A black kitchen – a real statement in terms of modern design. The black kitchen thrives on contrasts, it unfolds its charm through carefully selected highlights. Handles, fittings or individual front elements made of reclaimed wood, steel or aluminum create special accents and styles. Perfect lighting is also important, because a dark kitchen needs a lot of light. Accents in copper, brass or stainless steel create atmosphere and extravagance. Owners of dark kitchens show that they are breaking away from the mainstream and attaching great importance to first-class design. Another more practical advantage of dark kitchens is, that they don’t look unclean as quickly as light versions.

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White kitchens

White – the timeless classic never goes out of style.
A white kitchen will probably never lose its popularity because it is always friendly, brightens up the room significantly, gives a feeling of space and may be combined in an extremely versatile way with other materials such as wood, natural stone, metal and concrete.
With the right surface coating, a white kitchen is very easy to maintain and forgives some stains in the kitchen.

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Weiße Küchen mit Natursteinplatte von werkhaus Küchen

Metal kitchens

Black steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and generously used precious metals enhance every kitchen and create special effects. Would you like your kitchen to appear larger, more elegant and perhaps a bit extravagant? Then we have a brilliant idea: rely on metal fronts. Brass, copper or stainless steel not only give the kitchen a noble appearance, they also ensure exciting lighting effects and reflections in the room. Whether highly polished, matt brushed, anodized or roughly forged, a metal kitchen can be wonderfully combined with natural stone, glass and wood and the result is not only solid and robust, but is also always something very special.

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Concrete kitchens

Concrete is all the rage, unusual materials are on the rise in the kitchen world. What are the advantages of concrete kitchens? The material is stable, scratch-resistant and offers chic loft charm. Whether it is real concrete or just a concrete-look kitchen, depending on the circumstances and the load-bearing capacity of the building. Concrete shows a beautiful patina effect, the surface is sealed and is therefore insensitive. Combined with wood and metal, concrete becomes an eye-catcher, creating a cool, urban industrial design in the kitchen

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Metallküchen von werkhaus Küchen
Ausstellungsküche mit viel Holz und versenkbarer Türe in Küchenrückwand

The werkhaus kitchen exhibition is perfectly embedded in the unique atmosphere of the werkhaus. Enjoy innovative kitchen architecture, outstanding design and traditional craftsmanship from the Inn Valley.