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We work with the newest generation of modern kitchen appliances and thus convince with elegance, effectiveness and functionality. The innovative cooking systems, ovens and refrigerators in a werkhaus kitchen do not only create a professional work environment but also delight due to their exclusive design.


Our special highlight are the cook extractor systems by BORA. They draw off odours and grease directly from the cookware where they emerge. The strong relation between the companies is based on the fact, that the idea for the BORA cook extractor system comes from the think tank of the werkhaus. Searching for an alternative for visually disturbing extractor hoods, Willi Bruckbauer, owner of werkhaus küchen, developed and worked out the idea of this ground-breaking cook extractor system. When ready for the market, it was presented in our exhibition and greeted with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, BORA is offering five different cook extractor systems that can be seen in our exhibition.



Being the heart of every kitchen, the oven is in a frequent use. Baking and roasting with humidity addition, thus working with a combi-steam oven, is a major trend. There are combi-steam ovens with humidity levels of 0%, 30 %, 60 %, 80 %, 100 % either to connect to the water main connection or to water tanks. Be it an oven by Gaggenau, V-Zug or AEG, the inserted sensors measure the humidity and help you to achieve amazing cooking results. Furthermore, cooking under vacuum or so-called sous-vide cooking is no longer a problem. In the end a steam oven will enrich your culinary skills as well as your sense of taste.



Clean dishes at the push of a button does not only save time, but also energy and water. So it should be mentioned at this place that the dishwashers fabricated by our partner V-ZUG rank among the best in terms of ecology. Modern and contemporary LCD displays with touch control offer many possibilities and are easy to use.


Fresh and clean water is essential for well-being. However, modern fittings do offer far more than pure water supply. Quooker or HANSGROHE & Co. offer water supply for every range of application. As true all-rounders they provide us with boiling water as well as with fresh sparkling water for a refreshment on the go.


Modern refrigerators do not only effect a cool look but also stand out due to their performance. There are special bio-fresh shelves to freeze vegetables and fine wines do not have to be stored in the basement any longer, but can be kept in wine temperature zones. Also, more and more additional functions like ice cube makers and water dispensers or even panels for smart control and MP3 players are integrated.

Learn more at our product demonstrations held in small culinary gatherings.
How does a cook extractor system by BORA work? What exactly is an oven with steam cooking system and which one would be the best for my specific needs?

Inform yourself in the werkhaus and get to know about the advantages and possibilities of modern kitchen technology in the course of a cooking session with your kitchen planner. In the stylish ambiance of the werkhaus, you will taste the difference.