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BORA, Gaggenau, Quooker and Co. – the brands of werkhaus Küchen

We work with the latest generation of modern kitchen appliances. They impress with their elegance, efficiency and functionality. The innovative cooking systems, ovens and refrigerators in a werkhaus kitchen not only ensure a professional working environment, but also impress with their elegant design. You can find all the manufacturers here in our brand world.

The Austrian “institution” ewe lays the foundation for the installation of the kitchen appliances and supplies us with kitchen furniture of proven quality.

Delighted with BORA

Our special highlight is the hob extractor from BORA. They extract cooking fumes and odours where they arise: directly at the hob, directly from the pot, roaster, pan or grill. The BORA hob extractor was originally developed in our werkhaus think tank. Looking for an alternative to large, space killing extractor hoods, Willi Bruckbauer, owner of werkhaus kitchens, tinkered with his idea until the first BORA Professional was used in our exhibition and caused a sensation.

We continue to tinker – BORA now offers five different systems, all of which can be seen in our showroom.

BORA X BO The professional steam oven for the home. Perfect steam baking.
The principle: You want BORA X BO to cook. It sounds as simple as it is. No levers, no buttons, no gadgets, but with the functions of the professionals, such as professional self-cleaning and automatic steam extraction for a clear view and fresh air at all times. An extra-large touch display offers intuitive operation from any angle, making it easy to get the result you want in just a few steps.

Versatile and incredibly good

Ovens are the heart of any kitchen and are in constant use. The trend is to bake and roast with added humidity, i.e. in a combi oven with a steamer. Steam ovens are available with humidity levels of 0%, 30%, 60%, 80%, 100% for waterproof connections, but also with water tanks. Whether Gaggenau, V-Zug, Bosch or AEG, sensors measure the humidity in the oven and ensure gentle cooking. With a steam oven, vacuum or sous vide cooking is no longer a problem, making cooking more enjoyable.

Clean dishes at the push of a button not only saves time but also energy and water. It should not be unmentioned that the dishwashers from our partner V-Zug are among the best when it comes to ecology. Modern and contemporary LCD displays with touch controls offer many new possibilities and are easy to use.

Fresh, clear water is a blessing – but today’s faucets offer much more than just water supply.
Quooker, hansgrohe, Blanco & Co., provide water for all kinds of uses. As true all-rounders, they provide us with boilin g hot water or cold sparkling water for refreshment in between.
With the Solitaire Waterbase, which we would like to introduce to you, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH has achieved a real transformation in the area of sinks.

Modern refrigerators from Liebherr not only look cool, they are also impressive as combination appliances. Vegetables find their place in the bio-fresh compartments and wine lovers no longer have to hide their fine bottles in the cellar, but can store them in the wine climate zone. Additional functions such as ice cube makers and water dispensers are increasingly being integrated, as are panels for intelligent controls and MP3 players.

Find out more at our appliance demonstration in a small culinary group.
How does a BORA hob extractor work, what can a steam cooking system do and which one is best for me?
Find out more about us at the werkhaus and get to know the advantages and possibilities of modern kitchen technology during a cooking evening with your kitchen architect. You will taste the difference in the stylish ambience of the werkhaus.


The BORA hob extractor uses cross-flow extraction, which is higher than the upward velocity of cooking fumes. This allows cooking fumes and odours to be extracted directly and effectively at the source – above the hob.


As well as saving energy, they are virtually silent, easy to use and make for relaxed cooking. Simple digital controls make kitchen tasks easier.


A steam cooking system is both a steam cooker and an oven, combining the functions of both. It acts as a conventional oven with typical heating modes such as convection, top and bottom heat or grill, and at the same time as a full steam cooker. A steam oven offers the following functions
-Steam cooking, i.e. cooking food with 100% steam
-Prepare complete menus in one go, with no flavour transfer
-Use different combinations of hot air and steam
-Normal baking and roasting
-Regenerate food, i.e. reheat and bake.