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We utilize the most advanced generation of modern kitchen appliances and therefore convince with elegance, efficiency and functionality. The innovative kitchen systems, ovens and refrigerators in a werkhaus kitchen not only provide a professional work space, but also delight with their sophisticated design.


Our special highlight are the cook range extractor systems by BORA. With these, cooking vapors and odors are extracted right where they originate: directly at the cooktop, or the pot, roaster, pan or grill. The close cooperation is a result of the fact that the BORA cooktop extractor fan was originally developed by the werkhaus think tank. In his search for an alternative to the cumbersome extractor hoods,  Willi Bruckbauer, the owner of Werkhaus Küchen,  tinkered with the idea,

until the first BORA Professional system was implemented in our showroom and generated a lot of excitement.

We are still developing – BORA  now offers five different systems, all of which can be observed in our showroom.




Ovens are the core of every kitchen and in constant use. The latest trend is baking and roasting with added moisture, i.e. in a steam injected baking oven. Steam ovens are available with humidity levels of 0%, 30%, 60%, 80%, 100%, either connected directly to the water supply system, or with a water tank. Whether Gaggenau, V-Zug or AEG, sensors measure the humidity in the oven and ensure particularly gentle cooking. Even vacuum or sous-vide cooking is no longer a challenge with a steam oven. A steam oven will enrich your art of cooking and your enjoyment.


Clean dishes at the touch of a button, not only saves time but also energy and water. It should therefore not go unmentioned that the dishwashers by our partner V-ZUG are among the best in terms of ecology. Modern and contemporary LCD – display with touch operation offer many new options and are very user-friendly.


Fresh, clear water is a real delight – but modern fittings today offer much more than just mere water supply.
 At Quooker, HANSGROHE & Co. special purpose faucets  make water flow for all needs. As true multi-talents, they provide boiling hot water as well as fresh sparkling water for a refreshment in between.



Modern refrigerators do not only provide a cool look, but also shine as combination devices through high performance. Vegetables find their place in the bio-fresh compartments and wine lovers no longer have to hide their fine wines in the cellar, but may store them in the wine climate zone.  Additional functions such as ice cube makers and drinking water dispensers are more and more frequently being integrated, as are panels for smart operation and MP3 players.

Learn more at our equipment presentation during a small culinary gathering.
 Receive answers to questions like: How does a BORA cooktop extractor fan actually work? What can a steam injected oven system do? And which one is the most suitable for my needs?
Find out more at our werkhaus showroom and get to know the benefits and potential of modern kitchen technology during a shared culinary experience with your personal kitchen planner. In the stylish setting of werkhaus Küchen you will savor the difference.