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Innovation & Tradition

We combine clear kitchen architecture with unique stylistic elements: wood, stone & metal, elemental materials that mankind has been using for centuries, shaped and refined by ever-evolving craftsmanship techniques in a tradition that spans centuries.

Preserving the structures that have evolved and refining them through intricate craftsmanship is just as important as the precise processing of modern materials.

Holzfront mit Struktur vom Schreiner angefertigt

Floor-to-ceiling wall unit made of old wood in the kitchen

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Naturstein und Holz kombiniert mit dunklen Fronten von werkhaus Küchen bei Rosenheim

Natural stone with rock crust for a kitchen island

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Metallküchen im werkhaus in Raubling bei Rosenheim

Black kitchen jewel with metal surface

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Exquisite materials deserve the best craftsmanship

The respectful use and appreciation of natural resources is important to us. By working closely with local artisans over many years, we can guarantee the highest quality workmanship and give you the advantage of being able to choose the finish of your choice directly from our local carpenter or stonemason.

In our inspiring showroom, we showcase a variety of possibilities with unusual materials and a multi-faceted mix of materials in our unique kitchens.
You can see the effect of different natural stones, innovative metal finishes, different types of wood and a variety of other textures and finishes.

Stone is probably the oldest raw material on earth and a characteristic jewel of a werkhaus kitchen.

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Steinmetzbetrieb für Natursteinverarbeitung
Metallküchen von werkhaus Küchen

Metal offers a wide range of surfaces: from stainless steel to black steel, copper and brass.

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We are particularly inspired by local woods. They show the connection to the region and are a way to a more sustainable economy.

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Feel the difference

Characteristic of werkhaus kitchens is the fusion of clear kitchen architecture with carefully selected stylistic elements. Solid wood, rustic shell limestone, the finest marble, weathered steel beams or glass applications give us the opportunity to transform your kitchen into a unique living space tailored to your needs.

It’s not always necessary for the entire kitchen to be made by a carpenter. With the Austrian brand intuo, we work with an exclusive kitchen furniture manufacturer, who can perfectly realise our vision of modern kitchen architecture. intuo not only shines with excellent quality and finesse but also with unique finishes that are unparalleled in the industry.