Airy Kitchen under the Roof · werkhaus Küchen · Designküchen aus Rosenheim

Airy Kitchen under the Roof

Full of light, airy and pure. Thats how this spaceous Kitchen, with lots of nature around the house, appears.  The worktop made from natural bavarian stone with its integrated BORA cooking technology, the milled out sink and all the generous space created around the culinary center, accomplish its elegance. Modern kitchen frontsides appear plain and unsophisticated in this room, where the old and the new meet in a harmonic manner.


Worktop: natural bavarian Stone

Kitchen + Cabinet Fronts: coated anti-print Surface und  mat laquer with structure

Kitchen appliances

BORA Professional

V-Zug Oven Technology

Quooker Fittings


by Markus Rädel

Single Family Home, Landshut, Bavaria