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Floating kitchen wing

In the once most beautiful village in Germany, there is a lovingly restored house with a spacious loft apartment that offers breathtaking views of the village center and the surrounding mountains. The floating kitchen is equipped with a white matte rear wall, perfectly integrated into the sloping roof. This extends into a sideboard that ensures optimal use of space under the sloping roof.

From this emerges a floating wing with fronts made of waxed and oiled fir, on which the flush-mounted BORA Professional cooktop is placed. The existing, structurally necessary column serves as support for the wing and the black steel countertop runs all around. During the sociable cooking event, the chef can not only enjoy conversation with the guests but also the impressive panoramic view over the Alpine foothills.


A feeling of home is associated with the floating kitchen made of fir wood, on which the robust black steel countertop rests. The matte white lacquered kitchen backsplash subtly recedes, allowing the wing to take center stage.

Kitchen appliances

BORA Professional 2.0 on the worktop, oven, refrigerator and dishwasher by Bosch.
Blanco’s proven quality is used for the sink and faucet.


Simon Gafriller for a loft in Bavaria, Germany

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