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Kitchen island with indirect lighting

When the indirect lighting is switched on, it becomes clear that this showroom kitchen is a real eye-catcher. The striking Brazilian granite is a true work of nature and flows into a bog oak dining table that hides a display case for cutlery and other rarities.

Ausstellungsküche mit brasilianischem Quarzit


The Patagonia. A granite from the Brazilian quarries, which is essentially formed by the fusion of white quartz and green granite.
It is a rock of volcanic origin, formed by magma that slowly rose to the surface, gradually cooled down and, during crystallization, absorbed the different materials that led to the formation of the complex and characteristic surface.
A band of light has been incorporated into the kitchen-island, enhancing the Patagonians character.

Ausstellungsküche mit brasilianischem Quarzit
Ausstellungsküche mit brasilianischem Quarzit

Kitchen appliances

A BORA X BO with multi-drawer was installed in the background, directly opposite the BORA Pure induction hob. On the washbasin, which was incorporated into the natural stone, there is a Quooker “Fusion” in copper rosé. The fronts “Fina” from ewe are finished with a super matt pebble gray plastic coating.


Viktoria Meier
for our showroom in the werkhaus
in Raubling near Rosenheim

Ausstellungsküche mit brasilianischem Quarzit

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